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Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to document my life, the people and places in it, and remember everything I see and do. I’m always that one person in the group who insists on a photo when we go out! Whether it’s recording the memories and smiles of my relationships, my career or my ever-changing hairstyles; it leaves me with a rich visual history of my life.


Photography all begin when I was studying music at college and I asked a talented photographer to take some photos of me that I could use as promo images. That girl has since become a huge success as a fashion photographer and when we first met, her talent and passion inspired me and unlocked my love of photography. I bought a cheap SLR, got some tips from her about how my camera worked and then enlisted my friends and family to be my models so I could practice my new skills.


These practice shots become the start of my portfolio and as people became interested in my photography I decided to redirect my path from struggling musician/actress/model to (struggling!) photographer. 

I invested all of my spare time and money in my equipment and my education. I watched every photography tutorial and seminar I could and practiced everything I was learning until I got it right.


Eventually I had a strong enough portfolio and the confidence to move to London where I worked for 3 years as a freelance photographer in some of the top studios there. I also rented my own studio in central London in order to hone my lighting skills and photograph private clients. 


London was an experience that I will never forget. I was around the very best of the best and although it was exhausting and stressful at times, it has also pushed me to be the very best photographer that I can be.


I then moved to Sydney, Australia after many years of desperately wanting to see the world but never feeling that it was the right time. During my time in Sydney I worked for several large portrait studios and ecommerce studios as well as doing my own freelance work. I also spent 2 years in a small rural town called Dubbo. I became the head photographer of the Photo News Newspaper, and also freelanced for country lifestyle magazines.

I am now back in England and ready for new challenges and creative adventures! 


So what makes a great photographer in my eyes? I believe that being a good photographer is so much more than taking a technically good image. It’s about creating what the client wants – even if they aren’t quite sure themselves! It’s about understanding how to create breath-taking images that they didn’t think were possible.  It’s about delving deep into both their and my imagination and working from a place of passion, inspiration and positivity.


My approach to life flows in to my approach to photography. I’m efficient and hardworking, but I’m also calm, relaxed and do whatever it takes to make the people around me comfortable and bring a smile to their face. I am always myself and I delve into my imaginary box of tricks to make sure that the person I photograph feels confident and relaxed enough to allow their true self shine through.


Whether I’m working for an individual, a small business or a large corporate company, I take the time to understand the brief I’m given and bring out the unique qualities of the person or products that I’m photographing.


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